Friday, November 22, 2013

Bunker hill monument

the Boston hill monument is built were the first major battle of the american revolution was fought. all of this happend in Massachusetts. the year of the war was in 1754 The English won the war. After Washington left the army, he got married to Martha Danridge Custis George Washington was involved in the american and french and indian war the groups who fought this war are the british the americans and the french The Revolutionary War in America took place in several places like South Carolina, Maine, New York, Massachusetts, Georgia, Alabama, Colorado, Texas, California, and almost all the other states. There was at least one war that was fought in almost every state of then Colonial America. all this happend because the british wanted to tax the people in america and they said no and they went to war over it and one and the french and indian war was about land the french wanted the land for hunting and fishing the british wanted the land for settle went and the british won the french and indian war

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